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EZ Hauler - Training Test

It is required that you take an online test to ensure safe operation of the EZ Hauler unit. The test is to be taken after the training and procedure manual is reviewed. The steps below are how to access and complete the test. 


Take the Test

  1. Access www.testmoz.com/532566 through the nearest computer. 
  2. In the box labeled Your Name, place your name and the company that you are associated with and press continue.
  3. Proceed to take the test by answering all questions. 
  4. Submit the test.
  5. If a score of 100% is achieved you are ready to operate the EZ Hauler unit. If a score below 100% is achieved, please retake the test until a score of 100% is reached. 


EZ Hauler Training Videos - English

55MLP Operation
5500 Training Video
2500 Training Video
4100 Training Video

EZ Hauler Training Videos - Chinese

EZ Hauler Training Videos -Portuguese

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