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EZ Crauler 6000

EZ Crauler 6000

Rugged Ride-On Unit for Utility Pole Construction on Challenging Terrain

Conquer the Elements

Our EZ Crauler unit was developed for utility pole installation in a diverse set of geological conditions, including but not limited to; mountain regions, deserts, river beds, forest areas, hurricane relief efforts, and rebuilding quickly after an earthquake.

EZ Crauler - Rugged Ride-On Unit




The EZ Crauler is a tank! Our superior design and quality workmanship combine to create a force of nature. For times when the terrain seems unpassable by a line truck, You will be glad you have an EZ Crauler in your fleet.

Jump in and go. The EZ Crauler can carry the utility pole and the transformer. In the aftermath of a hurricane, the EZ Crauler lead the way and allow you to restore services sooner.

Earth, water, wind, and fire. In the aftermath of many of the things mother nature throws at us, the EZ Crauler is up to the challenge.

Power And Manuverability

We are voted “Best Quality” in the industry.  That doesn’t stop us from continuing to improve and lead the industry.  Not because we want recognition or accolades, but because we want you to have the best possible equipment to help you with your dangerous job.



  • 6000 lb. lifting capacity with overload protection
  • 3000 lb. transport capacity
  • 5000 ft-lbs Auger torque with 2.5″ hex Kelly bar
  • Insulated to 46 KV category C
  • ANSI A10.31 compliant
  • Full continuous rotation and 360º work zone
  • Auger stored on side of boom
  • 43 ft. sheave height
  • Lower tool circuit
  • Very light ground footprint at 4psi
  • Ability to travel 30º slopes and 20º side to side
  • Fully proportional remote control
  • Positive +80º boom elevation to -10º boom elevation
  • Ability to carry pole to jobe site
  • Hydraulic Pole Guide
  • Bed space for carrying transformers to the job site
  • Commander Seat
  • Lower Tool Reel
  • Recovery Winch 

General Specifications


  • 43 ft. work height
  • Full 360º continuous rotation
  • Full 360º non-zone rated work area
  • 6000 lb. Lifting capacity
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A92.2-2001, A10.31-2006, and SAE requirements
  • Meets 46kv Category C dielectric qualifications
  • Complete test documentation provided upon request
  • Pin on a bucket with 300 lb.Cap. 45. ft working height (optional)



  • Transport capacity is 3000 lbs. 


  • Maximum lifting capacity is 6000 lbs.



  • Kubota


  • 75@2700


SAE grade eight or greater 

Finish Coating


  • Two part rust inhibitive epoxy type


  • Two part polyurethane enamel type
  • All paint applied with an electrostatic paint system


Outrigger: Hydraulic

  • Telescopic design with no manual extension sections
  • Integral holding valves (2 per cylinder)
  • Will not operate during crane operation
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI stability requirements 
  • Full 360º work zone stability 
  • Interlock optional (Standard when ordered with Bucket Assy.)

Hydraulic Pole Guide With Hydraulic Tilt Adjustment

Excessive load limiting system (ELLS)

Limit possible overload of crane if operated beyond safe recommendations

Functions controlled by ELLS

  • Extension out
  • Boom up
  • Winch up
  • Auger dig

Functions to relieve ELLS

  • Extension in
  • Winch down 
  • Auger clean
Cylinder holding valves 
  • Integral-mounted counter balance valve located in the base of cylinder
  • Prevents sudden cylinder collapse due to hose breakage or other component failure
  • Controls the maximum speed while retraction of cylinder 
  • Cylinders controlled by holding valves
  • Extension
  • Boom

Wear Pads

  • Replaceable
  • On all required surfaces





  • 903-926.5 MHz


  • Spread Spectrum frequency hopping


  • Automatically shuts off after 60 minutes
  • CAN cable  equipped
  • Removable battery  with spare



  • 12 volt D.C.



  • 12 volt D.C.
  • 120 volt A.C.

Control Valve

Individual operated compensatory

Functions to be unaffected by the operations of others

Sized to match flow of actuator

Prevents backpressure during operation

Rack and pinion lever actuator

  • Smooth operation

Unloading valve

  • Unloads pressure during non-operation

Built in pressure relief 

Protects functions from over-pressure

Override controls

Operations if remote failure occurs

Manual controls

  • Backup override
  • All crane functions
  • Type 
  • Lever

Main Boom

80º to -10º hydraulic boom elevation


Three hydraulically operated steel sections

One hydraulic fiberglass extension


Planetary gear


  • Mechanical

Winch line

32,000 lb. tensile strength 

5:1 safety factor 

Minimal UV damage

Dielectric rate

  • Resistant to passage  of electric current
  • Rating based of good, dry, and clean rope


Turntable roller bearing

Continuous rotation

Hydraulic Tool Circuit

  • Couplers 

Flush face

  • Rating

2400psi maximum

12 gallons  per minute

  • Location

One set 

  • Crane boom

One set 

  • Crane mast

One set 

  • Lower frame 


Stored on side of boom with latching mechanism for transport


  • 6000 ft/lbs. torque


  • 18 inch (standard) with Kelly Bar
  • 2.5 inch input collar

Travel Speed

Low (mph)

  • 3.70

High (mph)

  • 7.00



  • 30º

Fuel Capacity (gal.)



  • Length: 17’6″
  • Height: 8’5
  • Weight 16,500 lbs.


11’6″ x 20″

Ground Pressure



  • Length — Overall, length, including crane, is 17ft. (5.2M). Chassis length is 10′ – 6″(3.2M).
  • Length with outriggers fully extended is 13′ – 6″(4.1M)
  • Width with the outriggers fully extended is 11ft (3.35M).
  • Height — Overall, height, including crane, is 6′ – 10″ (2.1M). Chassis height is 47″ (103cm).
  • Height with the outriggers fully extended is 62″ (124.44cm).

Other Features

  • Pin on bucket with 300 lb. (135kg) capacity – 44 ft. (13.4M) working height
  • Crawler tracks – Rubber 12′ (30 cm) wide, five idler wheels on each side.
  • Crawler Drive Motors – Integrated orbit hydraulic motor with single stage planetary drive gear.
  • Transport Bed – 47″L x 35.5″W (124cm L x 90cm W), Capacity: 3000 lbs. (1135kg)
  • Controls: Wireless Radio Remote
  • Main Boom: 80 degree about to -10 degree below horizontal hydraulic boom elevation
  • Extensions: Three hydraulically operated steel sections and one manually extended fiberglass section with hydraulic pole guide.
  • Winch line, equipped with 9/16″ 100ft. (12m) polyester ropes.
  • Auger: stored on side of boom with latching mechanism for transport
  • Auger Drive: Sealed planetary gear reduction – 6000 ft./lbs.  torque two speed.
  • Auger Bit: 18″ (46 cm) diameter standard with 2.5″ hex output shaft.