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EZ Hauler 3400 LP


The EZ Hauler 3400 LP can lift 3400 pounds. It has 2X travel stability, and when collapsed is under 7 foot in height. The EZ Hauler 3400 LP is Tier IV Compliant.

A Utility Company's Ace-In-The-Hole

The EZ Hauler 3400 LP is the predecessor of the EZ Hauler 55MLP. It is designed to do what a line-truck can do, but is able to work in confined spaces and hard to navigate areas. The EZ Hauler 3400 LP can lift 3,400 pounds, and can extend to more than 32 feet. The overall height (when collapsed) is 7 feet and the length is 15 feet (including crane – when collapsed). Don’t let its small size fool you. The EZ Hauler 3400 LP packs a big punch, and can go just about anywhere.

Defined And Refined

Yes.  We invented the mini-digger derrick.  That doesn’t stop us from continuing to improve and lead the industry.  Not because we want recognition or accolades, but because we want you to have the best possible equipment to help you with your dangerous job.



  • 3400 lb. lifting capacity with overload protection
  • 3000 lb. carrying capacity
  • 25 HP diesel engine
  • 33 ft. sheave height 
  • Insulated to 46 KV category C
  • Full continuous rotation and unlimited work zone
  • Auger stored on side of boom 
  • Hydraulic Pole Guide
  • Hydraulic adjustment of track drive 
  • Positive +80º boom elevation to -10º boom elevation
  • Fully proportional remote control
  • Remote drive
  • Stable during travel to 25º side slope
  • Pressure and flow adjustable hydraulic tool circuit
  • Bucket (34 ft. working height)
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Custom-built transporter trailer
  • 12V recovery Winch

General Specifications

  • Engine: Yanmar Mnimax, 3 – Cylinder Water – Cooled 1640 cc Diesel 25 HP @ 3600 RPM. Fully tier IV compliant
  • Hydraulic Pump: Fixed displacement gear type, 14 gallons (53 liters) per minute
  • Hydraulic track drive with skid steering
  • Hydraulically extended tracks
  • 33 ft. (10M) boom to tip height
  • Full 360 degree continuous rotation
  • 3400 lb. (1725 kg) lifting capacity
  • Fully proportional remote for crane and drive functions
  • Meets or Exceeds ANSI A92.2-2001, A10.31-1995, and SAE Requirement 
  • Meets 46kv category C dielectric qualifcations


  • Length — Overall, length, including crane, is 15′ (4.57M). Chassis length is 9′ – 10″ (3.0M).
  • Length with outriggers fully extended is 14′ (4.27M). 
  • Width — Overall, width of the tracks extended is 51″ (132cm). Width without the tracks extended is 35″ (90cm).
  • Width with the outriggers fully extended is 11ft (3.35M).
  • Height — Overall, height, including crane, is 6′ – 7″ (1.87M). Chassis height is 47″ (103.4cm).
  • Height with the outriggers fully extended is 94″ (207cm).

Other Features

  • Pin on bucket with 300 lb. (135kg) capacity – 34 ft. (13.4M) working height
  • Crawler tracks – Rubber 12′ (30 cm) wide, five idler wheels on each side.
  • Crawler Drive Motors – Integrated orbit hydraulic motor
  • Transport Bed – 45″L x 35″W (124cm L x 90cm W), Capacity: 3000 lbs. (1135kg)
  • Controls: Wireless Radio Remote
  • Main Boom: 80 degree above to -10 degree below horizontal hydraulic boom elevation
  • Planetary gear winch rated 4000 lbs. (1820kg) line pull
  • Winch line, equipped with 1/2″ 100ft. (12mm) polyester ropes.
  • Auger: stored on side of boom with latching mechanism for transport
  • Auger Drive: Sealed planetary gear reduction – 3500 ft. /lbs. (3745 N-M) torque. (5000 ft./lbs. optional)
  • Auger Bit: 18″ (46 cm) diameter standard with 2″ hex output shaft. (2.5″ optional)