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During normal navigation the tracks are wider to provide stability during travel. But with our one-of-a-kind EZ-RTS the tracks will retract under the unit which allows for passage through narrow (36″) areas. Other models have a sliding track, but in order to use them the unit must be deployed on the outriggers, but not the EZ Hauler. The EZ-RTS system works even with a load! This gives you the best of both worlds. One is a strong and powerful tracking system with the ability to carry up to 2500 pounds. Two is the track retract system that enables you to go where no other equipment can..

The front outriggers fold and retract/extend enabling the EZ Hauler to fit through narrow openings while maintaining a low center of gravity.  The EZ Hauler also comes equipped with open center lower tool standard circuit.

Our 360 degree work zone allows for maximum versatility and efficiency.

Watch A Video About Our EZ Hauler 55 MLP

Want to see our EZ Hauler 55 MLP in action?  Watch the short video we have provided for you. Learn all the AMAZING things our EZ Hauler 55 MLP can do to make the work of digging holes simpler and faster.

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Recent PRess Releases

Partnership produces tracked Terex Utilities Lift

Euan Youdale - Editor, Access International

Terex Utilities has introduced a new track-based lift in partnership with chassis provider SDP Manufacturing.

Read the Article Directly from Access Briefing

The 47ft working height TL45 articulated telescopic aerial platform with a jib, is installed by SDP Manufacturing on its rubber tracked chassis. The chassis has a hydraulic track drive that extends from 31.1 inches wide to 55 inches, making the unit ideal for working on sensitive terrain, such as backyards or sidewalks, or for accessing tight spaces, such as alleys.

Featuring a 900 lb. capacity jib, the TL45 is designed to be a flexible option for contractors that need to lift materials in difficult to access areas. Being insulated to 46 KV Category C, it is also an option for rental companies to offer to homeowner, as well as contractors, said the company. Other features include full continuous rotation, unlimited work zone, and corded remote drive and outrigger controls. The unit is also stable when driving on side slopes up to 20 degrees.

“We are seeing high demand for this specialty personnel and material handling equipment in the [USA] East and Midwest,” said Bradd Weibel, Terex/Genie Services, Strategic Account Manager. Units are now available for delivery at various Terex Service Centers in these regions.

The TL45I launched through the Terex Utilities and SDP Manufacturing partnership.

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The Utility Expo -LOUISVILLE, KY

September Sept 26-28, 2023

 Where thousands of utility professionals, top manufacturers, and service providers come together to share ideas, best practices, and demo the most innovative equipment in the industry.

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