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EZ Hauler - The "Original" Mini-Digger Derrick




During normal navigation the tracks are wider to provide stability during travel. But with our one-of-a-kind EZ-RTS the tracks will retract under the unit which allows for passage through narrow (36″) areas. Other models have a sliding track, but in order to use them the unit must be deployed on the outriggers, but not the EZ Hauler. The EZ-RTS system works even with a load! This gives you the best of both worlds. One is a strong and powerful tracking system with the ability to carry up to 2500 pounds. Two is the track retract system that enables you to go where no other equipment can..

The front outriggers fold and retract/extend enabling the EZ Hauler to fit through narrow openings while maintaining a low center of gravity.  The EZ Hauler also comes equipped with open center lower tool standard circuit.

Our 360 degree work zone allows for maximum versatility and efficiency.

Watch A Video About Our EZ Hauler 55 MLP

Want to see our EZ Hauler 55 MLP in action?  Watch the short video we have provided for you. Learn all the AMAZING things our EZ Hauler 55 MLP can do to make the work of digging holes simpler and faster.

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Dru Hall

Dru Hall

Vice President

Relentless optimism and experience working for you. My goal is to help you reach yours.

Derek Mays

Derek Mays

Plant Manager

We are proud of our products and our position as leaders in the business. I want you to succeed and am constantly striving to make our products even better.

In The News

Custom Truck One Source and NESCO Specialty Rentals Combination

S.D.P. Manufacturing, Inc.has valued its relationship for over 25 years with NESCO, and also the new projects we have secured with Custom Truck One Source.  We are really looking forward to the future and many new innovations.

The EZ Hauler Advantage

  • Efficient


    When you have all the tools you need to do a job it makes doing a job much easier. We design our equipment with your job in mind.  Take our EZ Hauler's quick-connect hydraulic hoses for example.  This feature allows many add-on tools.

  • Powerful


    Big things come in small packages. Our team knows you don't want to sacrifice power, so we push our engineering team to design our equipment to maximize power. Our equipment is built to last and exceeds all expectations for durability and power.

  • Innovative


    Yes, we are the Cadillac(tm) of the industry. However we are also the first to develop easement specialty equipment. We don't let that keep us from improving on our own products and pushing the envelope even further for you.

  • Mobile


    Our products are designed to go where standard equipment just cant go. Whether you need to fit through a 36 inch opening (EZ Hauler) or work in a steep creek-bed (EZ Crauler) our equipment is the right equipment for you.

  • Safe


    We build premier equipment because your job is hard & dangerous. We take the safety of our equipment seriously and not only conform to all safety standards, we exceed them with redundant monitoring and precautions. *Please adhere to your company's safety procedures*

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